Textbooks for Tanzania


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This year, 2018 was the eleventh year of the project.  In 2008 seven schools received textbooks in which the headmaster/headmistress selected the textbooks at the Christian Bookshop in Moshi. In 2009, $14,000 was raised and this purchased 2,500 textbooks.  And in 2010, with $40,000 we were able to deliver 6,000 textbooks to fourteen secondary schools. In 2011, over 6,000 textbooks were purchased with the raised $42,000. We delivered 6,422 textbooks to eight schools in 2012. In 2013 the total was fewer at 2,349 textbooks, primarily because the upper level books that were purchased are more expensive. In 2014 2,914 textbooks were delivered. The total in 2015 was 1,763 books. An additional 2739 textbooks were distributed in 2016. Although the severe shortage of textbooks has improved, there is still a great need for textbooks in all subjects at these schools. 

Textbooks for Tanzania has made such an impact on the schools where we delivered textbooks that those schools have increased enrollment!  At Masama Girls High School, the improved academic performance and students continuing on with advanced education is historic.  At Agape Lutheran Junior Seminary, textbooks were badly needed; the students say, "We send you a big thank you!"

Nronga Students Accepting Textbooks


Girls at Masama High School


Vungo Students & Headmistress Accepting Textbooks


Textbooks Loaded for Delivery


Masama Girls High School Chapel/Assembly Hall